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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your company all about?   

How does it work?  

Musical Mysteries and More is a Pittsburgh-based entertainment company that employs professional actors, directors, and writers for murder mystery dinner parties.  Our mysteries are one part mystery, one part musical theatre, one part comic improvisation and all parts fun.

The show is performed in 3 short acts.  All shows are scripted with an interactive element. Audience members are encouraged to talk with one another between the acts in order to collect the necessary clues to solve the crime. Some may even be given a few lines to read in the show. The cast also usually performs several musical numbers that may contain some clues or just provide a comic musical break.


At the end of the play the audience is asked to pick a culprit.  The person whose answer most closely matches the culprit and motive for the crime receives a prize as the best detective.  For those whose answers were…not as correct or even downright absurd, well we have prizes for them too. 

Exactly what type of mysteries do you perform?

Our mysteries are interactive and comedic.  We perform for those who want to enjoy an evening with some laughter.  Yes, there is a mystery to be solved but for those of you who are die hard Agatha Christie fans; we recommend curling up with a good book.  Our shows will only frustrate you.

What is the typical time frame for a mystery?

Typically a show performed between the courses of dinner tend to run about 3 hours.  The show itself runs roughly

1 hour 15 minutes - 1 ½ hours long split into 3 acts. 

What shows do you offer?

We have roughly 20 shows to choose from.  However, since we hire actors for a particular season, we usually offer about three or four at a time.  And they are typically posted on our home page.  However, if your group needs a specific show, please contact us.  With enough advance notice, we may be able to accommodate you.

Where do you perform?

We perform at restaurants, wineries, and resorts throughout western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  Click on our Calendar page to find a place near you.

Can I have you perform at the place of my choosing?

What type of audience are you right for?

We perform for audiences of all ages.  If you’re in the mood for a fun evening, we’re right for you.  However, we do need to point out that most of our shows are PG to PG-13-rated.  Use your discretion.  If you need to ask whether we’re right for a certain age group, you probably already know the answer.

Of course!  We are always willing to oblige our patrons, and we perform private parties all the time.  We can and have performed at restaurants, churches, country clubs, fire halls, and even people’s houses on occasion.  All we need is a 10x12 space in the middle of a room.  Give us that and we’re good to go.

What do you provide for the evening?

We provide our lovely selves (5-6 professional, improvisational, musical theater actors), programs for the tables, fun facts, pens so that you can figure out the mystery, a sound system and pretty much everything you’ll need for a fun-filled evening.

What must we provide?

For the most part you only need to provide yourselves (and the food if you’re planning a private party).  We rarely need anything else except a few outlets for our wireless microphone sound system, a changing room with 5-6 chairs to relax in-between sets and two pitchers of water with 5-6 glasses.  We're pretty self-contained.

Is there a limit to the number of people you’ll play for?

We normally like to cut off the amount of people at 150-200.  This is for your benefit as our shows are highly interactive.  We would very much like for everyone to have a great time and oftentimes this is harder with much larger audiences.  The ambiance as well as the off the cuff remarks to hecklers is sometimes lost in huge crowds.

What is the cost?

Pricing depends on a number of things including expected attendance and distance from downtown Pittsburgh.  Overall, we try to keep it reasonable. Call us at (412) 271-2295 for more information on pricing.

How do I book you?

You can call us at (412) 271-2295 or you can check us out at one of the restaurants, resorts, or wineries where we perform and see us after the show.

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