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Gangster Logo (2).png
Gangster Cast 2010.JPG
Guys vs Gals (cropped).jpg

Organized crime lord, Carmine Capellini is six feet under, and the city’s gone to hell in a hand-basket.  Now, three gangsters will meet under a flag of truce to fight for a piece of the action.  Each has a legitimate claim to Carmine’s empire: the old ball and chain, the trusted right hand man, and the elusive adversary.  But who will gain control of the syndicate? Before the evening is up, allegiances will be formed, payback dished out, and someone just may get rubbed out!!

Dick & Big Mama painting.jpg
No Clue Logo [Cartoon Red].png
No Clue Logo [Cartoon Mustard].png
Miss Starlet & Ms Right.JPG

You are cordially invited to the palatial estate of billionaire Italian shipping magnate, Bussi Botti.  As five guests invited to the mansion begin to surmise, nothing is as it seems.  As the game goes on, dirty little secrets will be revealed and before the evening is over, someone will die!

Was it Colonel Custard in the Kitchen with the Revolver? 


Perhaps it was Professor Plume in the Library with the Candlestick. 


Or maybe it was Miss Starlet in the Parlour with the Rope. 


With all the twists and turns one thing is certain:  You’ll have No Clue!

No Clue
I Spy Five Spies Logo (W).png
Stockson & Max.JPG

The world is not enough as two secret agents, one British and one American, have been dispatched to thwart the expected heist of a super-secret microchip.  Two other spies are assigned to the team. But when a third appears, it renders the mission improbable.  See who gets smart and who cries U.N.C.L.E.

I Spy
Indy Logo (2).png
Indy Cartoon (2019).jpg

Once again our favorite archaeologist is called upon to save the day.  But when this bumbling explorer discovers the map to a treasure of biblical proportions, it leads to a whirlwind world tour and possibly the last escapade of famed adventure hero Indiana Smith.

Restaurant of Doom
Pirate Ship.png
Pirate Logo (2).png

Yo ho ho ...’tis a pirate’s life for me.  Come aboard the Dark Mayflower for a fun time o’ frolickin’, lootin’ and pillagin’.   ‘Tis murder and mayhem on the high seas when the Cap’n comes up missin’ just as a Spanish galleon threatens to blow ‘em out o’ the water.  Will these hearty buccaneers survive or will they be blown to bits.  See what happens and we guarantee you’ll be hooked - arggh!!

Alfred Logo 2.png
Nikki & Hilde.jpg

Journey back with us to those chivalrous days of yore when men were men, women were women, and the king was found decapitated in his own chambers.  Can his subjects find the murderer and an heir before a neighboring kingdom wreaks havoc on the land?

Loine & Nogard.JPG
Alfred Cast 2010.JPG
Delorean Express Logo (3).png
Delorean Express (graphic 2).png
Delorean Express Cast (bright cartoony p

ALL ABOARD!  The eminent and elusive Mr. Delorean Gray has built and financed the greatest invention known to man: a steam engine able to go faster than any other mode of transportation, while assuring that its passengers travel in style.  Tonight will be the maiden trip of this grand and extravagant Pullman.  The only catch…there may be a killer among his guests – a long-time adversary lurking in wait to destroy everything Delorean has built…and perhaps even Mr. Gray himself!

Delorian Express
All Roads
RomanShow Logo 3.png

After the untimely death of his father and every other male heir in the family, Gluttonus Maximus is about to ascend the throne as Emperor of Rome. 


But on the eve of his coronation, he will face the most perilous moment of his life.  Someone wants him dead!   


Is it the power-hungry senator?

The scheming wife?

The barbarians camped out at Rome’s door? 


Find out when “All Roads Lead to Murder!”

Macdeath Logo (R&B).png
Macdeath Cast '22.jpg

Child TV star, Sherry Marmalade has finally found the perfect script to revitalize her career: a lost work of William Shakespeare’s entitled Macdeath.  Featuring a stellar cast of actors, comedians and rock stars, this production is guaranteed to be a hit.

Or is it??

Marty-Mac & Lena-Lady Mac.jpg

As the cast and crew begin dropping like flies, can the remaining survivors put the pieces together and solve the mystery before opening night? 

Or will the final curtain come down on this production?

Blast Off Logo (blue shadow).png

Space…the final frontier. These are the voyages of the spaceship Secondprize…On their latest mission, the Captain and crew of this almost legendary space vessel need to deliver two officials from the Federation's long-time enemy, the Burgh Empire, to a peace accord on a distant planet. What they don’t realize is that their captain’s most cunning arch-nemesis has escaped from space prison, and is about to exact his revenge on our unsuspecting hero.

Blast Off
Never After Logo.png

What is a wicked queen doing with a charming prince?


Why is a bratty girl teaming up with a ravenous wolf?


And who is that crazy narrator anyway?

Join this madcap romp over the river and through the woods. 

We guarantee that one of them won’t make it out alive!

Never After Logo Pic [2].png
Happily Never After
Bard Logo (R&Y).png
Macbeth & Lady M.JPG

It’s Fantastic!  It’s Spectacular!!  It’s our most ambitious project yet as these characters play (in game show format) for the greatest prize ever: the chance to have their tragic story rewritten by William Shakespeare, himself. Part Improvisation, part Murder Mystery, contestants will play the improv games as you like it.  But see what happens when one of our contestants decides to take matters into their own hands.  Is this comedy of errors… much ado about nothing?  Find out!

Rudolph Logo (white outline).png

It’s Christmas Eve at the North Pole and things are at a halt because one arrogant red-nosed reindeer has decided to take over.  Come find out what happens when Santa and a few friends try to settle the dispute…permanently!!

Sad Santa.JPG
Midwinter Logo.png
Santa, Hermie, Snow Queen & Tooth Fairy.jpeg

It’s Christmastime again at the North Pole and this year it’s worse than ever.  Not only is Santa dealing with a potential strike from his lovesick elves, but he’s now faced with a “wrongful death” suit from Rudolph’s illegitimate daughter regarding her deceased father.


What’s a Holiday icon to do?  Is murder the solution again this Christmas?

Snow Queen & Aura Elsa.jpeg
Comedy Caper
Xmas Comedy Caper logo 2.png

Welcome to Musical Comedy Cavalcade, starring Primo Dona, the longest running live television variety show since Milton Berle.  This Christmas, Primo’s special guest is 1950’s heartthrob, Bobby Wonder. Tonight’s Christmas special will include comedy, music and…murder? Find out what happens when someone gets bumped from prime-time right before the airing of this year’s gala Christmas Spectacular.

Bobby Wonder 3.jpg
Clausablanca Logo (R&B).png
Clausablanca Painting 2020.png

In a small cabaret in German-occupied France right before Christmas, someone will end up murdered.  Who did it?  Could it be the French cabaret owner?  The torch-singing femme fatale?  The standup comic?  The overworked girl Friday?  One man dares to crack the case.  That man is Nick Fearlessness.  Nick doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “fear”.  He doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “quit”.  Nor does he know the meaning of hundreds of other commonly used words.  But in a time when the world needs heroes, he may just be the only hope we have. 


Our next installment in the Nick Fearlessness saga finds our investigative reporter back in New York City.  By his side as always is Millie Thursday, his faithful gal Friday.  But this year he may be faced with his most puzzling case yet.  For unbeknownst to our intrepid duo a reputedly magical artifact called The Maltese Penguin has gone missing.  Sought after by some of the most disreputable members of high society, Nick and Millie must find the Penguin before it falls into the wrong hands!  Will they crack the case?  Will they save the holiday?  Or will this Christmas-tery leave them out in the cold?

Maltese Penguin Logo (4).png
Maltese Penguin

Good evening and welcome to Dracula’s Chalet.  Aristocrat and recently retired bloodsucker, Count Dracula is your new host, owner and lounge singer.  Faithful friends are there to lend a hand. Unfortunately business hasn’t exactly been booming.  But when a bus breaks down near the hotel with both Van Helsing’s great grand-nephew and Muffy the Vampire Slayer onboard, it creates a situation of monstrously funny proportions. Will Dracula’s night club career die when exposed to the light of day or will he just keep on vamping.

Drac Shack Logo (R&Y).png
Drac Shack
Dr Frankenstein Logo (B&Y).png
Hyde & Vampy (Fabulous CLOSEUP).jpg
The Doctors Singing.JPG

It’s been years since the elusive Dr. Frankenstein has invited anyone to his castle in Ingolstadt, Germany.  Yet this year he has something new to show the world. You are invited to attend the gathering of the century where the doctor will reveal his greatest creation yet...and quite possibly his last!

Dr Frankenstein
Monster Mash Logo (Blue&Y).png
Monsters Cartoon.jpg

The event of the century is at hand as Witch Hazel turns a century older.  Old friends like Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman and the Boogeyman are there to throw her a surprise party.  But one might just be holding a grudge and the biggest surprise tonight may be MURDER! 

Esmeralda Cartoon.jpg
Monster Mash
Mummy's Curse Logo (Y).png
Mummy Cast (2018).jpg

Not only could it change the power structure of the world, but it could alter the very destiny of humanity itself!  When the sacred scarab of King Rama Lama Lama is stolen from its eternal resting place, only famed archaeologist, Indiana Smith can save the day.

But when the mummy's secret reveals an even gretaer threat, will our hero be able to stop it in time?

Mummy Chasing Adventurer (L-R).png
Mummy's Curse
Calamityville Murder Logo (red).png
Cast of Calamityville.jpg
Calamityville Murder Graphic.png
Calamatyville Comic 2.jpg

Acclaimed horror-novelist, Stephen Queen is offered a bet by rival Ann Spice.  He will receive 1 million dollars and Ann will retire if…Stephen can survive the night at the infamous house on Calamityville Street.  Will he remain steadfast, or will ghostly apparitions give him a case of permanent writers’ block? 

The Spy Who Killed Me
Spy Who Killed Me Logo.png
00sexy Poster.jpg

The deadliest spy in MI-6 is called out of retirement to stop his deadliest foe – an egomaniacal sociopath with a grudge and a deadly plan for world domination. The resulting set of circumstances can only be described as…DEADLY!

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