Mystery Shows

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Holiday Mysteries

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Mystery Dinner Theater

Musical Mysteries and More is a professional touring mystery theater dinner company that performs in western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.  Attend one of our interactive theatrical presentations to experience the suspense and mystery that awaits you!


Musical Mysteries and More provides humorous, family friendly (PG-13) shows performed by professional actors.  We rely on audience participation and interaction to create a unique experience. But what really separates us from the competition are the song and dance parodies we perform, providing a musical comedy flavor to our productions.

Our mystery dinner theater productions have a wide range of themes:


Venture back to the days of knights, damsels and kings or maybe not quite so far back as you attend a gangster speakeasy of the 1920’s.   Blast off into the future with the crew of an almost legendary Starship or travel the world in search of an ancient artifact with renowned explorer Indiana Smith!  Spend the night at Dracula’s Swiss Chalet, Dr. Frankenstein’s family mansion or Santa’s workshop.  The possibilities are endless...

For additional information about our shows, click on the icons above to read full descriptions.


To book your murder mystery dinner theater show in Pittsburgh or the tri-state area contact Musical Mysteries and More today!